Street & Documentary Photography in the Balkans

In this post, I will lead you through an amazing journey in the Balkans and show some of my Street & Documentary photography.

I left with my motorbike from the port of Bari, arriving in Albania the next day. After a time spent between Durress and Tirana, we moved to Kotor Bay, Montenegro. On my way to Kotor, I had the opportunity to enjoy some of the most epic views of the Balkans.

The next stop was the reason for my trip: Guca Trumpet Festival. A weird music festival held in the heart of Serbia. I slept in my tent, inside the garden of a Guca inhabitant. For just 5 euros per night, I could enjoy one of the most beautiful and alcoholic experiences of my life. I still remember the noise over the Village, with the various groups playing all together in a cacophonic sinfony.

I took some of my most iconic pictures there, together with the most intense headache of my life.

After 3 days I moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia. Sarajevo still has the scars of the war on its skin, with a mix of Muslim and Catholic culture. If I could come back in time, I would have spent more time there, but unlucky I stayed just for 2 days.

On my way to Croatia, I had a quick stop in Mostar and Medjugorie (the first place was way more attractive than Mejugorie). I spent the remaining days on the Island of Hvar, Croatia, enjoying the beautiful Sea.

After 11 days and more than 2000 km, I can tell you that it was definitely worth it!


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