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Apply the Preset


Adjust exposure + Color Temp

If your picture is not correctly exposed, adjust the exposure in order to get the look you prefer. The general advice is to adjust the exposure based on the highlights area. After that, adjust the color temperature considering a neutral area (grey color) or the skin tones (recommended!)


Make your personal


Pulse comes with some useful tools that will help you to make the proper adjustments to your pictures.

The Pack includes 2 curve settings, 2 color modifiers, and 2 quick adjustments for lights and shadows. Said that, you are free to play with all the settings in Lightroom or Camera Raw.


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Unique Candid Street Photography Italy Worldwide oktoberfest germany

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Consistency to your editing style


Works on Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Enhance your Pictures in just one click.


With Pulse you will be able to give your pictures the look that you want.


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This beautiful Preset will include some useful tools in order to make the fine adjustments you want.